Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm such a WIMP!

I feel like such a wimp....I haven't run outside since oh the first or second time I ran in the driving wind with snow pelting my face! My legs were face was frozen....I was surprisingly warm everywhere else...But trying to run outside just doesn't feel like it fits into my day while J is home 2 days a week...When do I do it between meals and then whatever he has planned...? Maybe if it was a little easier then I would suck it up and get out there! Probably not... I would just find another reason that it is too miserable and cold out there....So here I sit feeling like a major wimp! I really felt like a loser when I read the blogs about others heading out in the single digits, or massive snow storms...Oh well I guess I will keep plodding along with what I'm doing and feeling like wimp at least today! UGH....LuLu


  1. Oh, don't be so tough on yourself. It's tough to get out there in the cold and even more when you are a mom. But, I think you are right, you could find the time, even if you'll run 1-2 miles only. I used to think that I need to run 4-5 miles to make it worth it, but I learned that 1-2 miles are better than none. My legs used to freeze too, but I purchased Nike leggins with fleece and my legs are warm now. I have friends who layer up with 2 pairs of pants. Whatever it takes. Good luck!

  2. I think we have to go through phases where we just have some down time with our running. We can't peak constantly to your body is just telling ya it's time to just do whatever you're capable of right now. Spring is soon around the corner and you'll be more eager than and it wouldn't be forced. You're doing everything exactly right. If I didn't have a race here to prep for, I wouldn't be making myself get out there either. All's good! :)

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I'm a Laura too! I hope you get outside lots this winter. It is SOOOOOOO much better than the treadmill! It takes everyone some time to acclimate to running in the cold and snow. It's not something people typically just wake up one morning and do :)

    Your hub can handle an hour with the kids. Seriously! It's good for them. And it's good for you. No guilt in taking care of yourself!