Saturday, January 9, 2010

Giving Myself a Break....

So the other night I ran....If you can call it that....I only ran 2 miles...that was what was on my calender for the 1/2 marathon training schedule that I've been trying to follow said....but I had felt so good before going out that I thought just maybe I'll do more than I have planned! Not gonna happen! Less than 5 minutes into the run it started the dreaded cramps on my left side....UGH! So I definitely knew that I wasn't going to last longer than the 2 miles....But I vowed to last that long...with NO walking! So as I plugged along I thought...had I eaten dinner to close to running that night....had I drank too much water to late....had I not drank enough water all day????? What was going on why do I keep getting these cramps!? But I buckled down and you know what I might have run slower, not that my fast is that fast....but I did it! All 2 miles with no walking....relatively good pace for even turned out to be faster than my first 5k bad....So I'm going to give myself a break and I'm not going to beat myself up for running slower or only doing the 2 miles...I mean come on I did what was on the schedule...(whether I think it's wimpy or not) and the best part I ran right through that cramp! OUCH but I did it!

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  1. Hey you got it done and that's what counts! Keep up the good work!