Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Am I Pushing or Being a Wimp?

While I tend to think that I'm just a wimp and should be able to stick it out all the time...I recently had a spell of 6 days with nothing....no running...no biking...no swimming...and no just working out! So I think that maybe even though I think I should be able to do more and push myself more all the time....maybe to avoid these spells that I should give myself a break, and maybe not push quite so hard. But then again I start arguing with myself that I'm just being a wimp and when I do push myself I find that I can run through that cramp, sore knees, sciatic pain, and surprise surprise it goes away before the run is over! So what am I doing am I reaching my potential or being to easy on myself! This is only one of the reasons that I have struggled with if I need a coach or not....SOOOOOOO here it is I decided to let someone else make those decisions for me! And most of all help me reach my potential much quicker I hope than trying to muddle through these questions myself! I'm so excited....but then again I'm a little scared....I guess time will tell whether this is the route for me....Time will tell....but I'm anxious and can't wait to see! LuLu

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