Friday, January 22, 2010

Stupid New Year's Resolutions...

As you can probably judge by the title, this post is me frustrated and grumpy!
So while I'm not real big into the whole new year's resolution thing...especially when it comes to exercise and fitness....( I think that it should be something that is a year long thing or else it is just going to fade away...and I say that with experience...) it's no secret that everyone else is.... Not that this usually affects me a whole lot...but it has the last few days....
I have been running for awhile now...It was great this summer getting out with the kids in the jogger, it really helped to break up the day.... However this late fall and winter living in NW Ohio with my husband gone until after dark most days, it's not an option for me to take the kids out and run outside. So I like a few other people have heavily relied on the treadmill....I don't have my own at home...I have been using the one at the hospital that I work at...It's in a little tiny tiny rehab room downstairs....and no one I mean NO ONE ever uses them...except the rehab people during the day.... No problem fits my schedule perfect... get dinner, bathe the kids, story time, kids in bed, I go running..... Well back to the New Year's resolution thing... Now that we have entered that lovely time of year...everyone in their brother seems to be using the treadmills! On one hand it's awesome....I think that everyone should be active it makes people happier and I think that I would like to work with happier people right!? So why am I frustrated...and grumpy....? Well last night a friend of mine and I are running.... and this girl comes in to see if anyone is using the treadmills.... stomps around....and then rudely asks my friend, "Really how long do you think you are going to be?" My sweet and kind friend says, "Um well, I don't know, maybe 20 min. or hey you could have mine and I will bike or row..." The girl rudely responds that she wants both because a friend and she are going to walk on their break so never mind.... (which the funny thing is they are both from the same dept. that is not to be left unattended, but they are both leaving to walk? Which will clearly leave it unattended.) Before my friend or I could respond she rudely stomps out! Ok, so my friend and I keep running....I felt bad....I had planned on running 4 miles last night....but would have switched it with today's run if she wanted the treadmill or here's a brilliant idea nicely asked! So a few minutes later I had just finished 3 miles...and here they come again...I started to say, "Hey," (which is as far as I made it before I was very RUDELY interrupted) "if you want to run now you can have the treadmills and I'll just switch my runs big deal." Instead like I said I was interrupted with "Ok we need the treadmills now. We are on break and we only have a few minutes so you can use them when we are done..." UGH!
So I was a little irritated...just by the rudeness....but I can live with that...What I can't live with...? My friend and I gave them the treadmills....Got our stuff together....and started to walk out....Took I don't know about 5 minutes....By the time that we had walked out and walked past the window....I guess their few minutes were up...SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! All that rudeness for maybe 10 minutes if even that?!!!! You spent more time walking back and forth from your dept. than you did walking on the treadmill! UGH!!!!! So while I would love to see more people active and living healthy lifestyles, and truly sticking to their resolutions....I just want my uninterrupted running time back!
So today I will do my 4 miles outside...maybe there is a silver lining to this...I get to run outside for my longer run instead of being on the treadmill....Still I think I could have done without the dose of rudeness that was dealt out last night! A Grumpy LuLu

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