Thursday, April 8, 2010

Icky Day
It's been an icky day...Don't know why...just has...could be any number of things...
bad sleep...
cranky kids...
icky weather...
old memories eating at me...
I don't know just hasn't been my day though...I debated whether I would even do my scheduled run during the day or just leave it till after the pool tonight....but then you know it just might not happen and that would make my icky day even ickier! So I did it...It was a treadmill run...I've never had an issue with the treadmill I don't hate it I don't even dislike it! I mean at least I'm running....Today I decided that I don't think I like it anymore...I had a recovery run on the I figured this will be good get the kids to sleep and hop on get my time in and be happy that I have a treadmill here to get it done! I've become spoiled....running outside is easier for me...and it showed today...So I was really tempted to be frustrated about the slower pace that the treadmill was making me keep....but I think I'm going to just stack it up to a off day and move on.... I really don't want to become enemies with my treadmill because she really saves my butt sometimes! So lets turn this icky day around and kick some butt in the pool tonight! Oh and I found the quote below to be so true and just right for me so I thought I should jot it down....Lulu

"For me, strength starts with my body, and as my body grows stronger and more competent, it fuels a strength in my spirit. It fuels the strength to
Say no and mean it.
Say yes and mean it.
Take a risk and fail.
Take a risk and succeed.
It fuels the strength to quit.
And, begin again."


  1. I know that quote! I just saw it on my latest Title 9 catalog right? I had the same reaction. really liked it.
    sorry you had an icky day. those just aren't fun.. but know, it WILL be better;-)


  3. Hope you're feeling better by now, those days just blow!! I've had that kinda of few months really...but there's always another day! Thanks for the Boston wishes, wish I felt better and was in better condition but all is going to be okay! Have a great weekend!!

  4. There's always tomorrow -- Hope today is better for you. A run will almost always make you feel better. Good luck!