Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting Back To It And Damp Bike Rides.....
So it's been awhile since I've written...I've been sick sick and more sick again...I finally gave in and went back to the doctor...and her verdict was that I had a sinus infection, (real bad one) Bronchitis, (managed to have a major broncho spasm in the office) and Pneumonia....So this time I ended up with antibiotics, steroids, and these lovely little things called tesslon perles for the incessant coughing....Oh they were so wonderful sleep ahhhhh.....
So in the long run I took way too much time off this last month...leaving my legs begging for mercy at the end of each workout that I do these last few days....but it has been wonderful I mean wonderful and incredible getting back into the swing of's been a reminiscent of the days when that burn was proof that I was accomplishing something and making myself stronger....While I'm enjoying the burn I would sooooo like to get back that strong feeling that feeling of wow I can crush that! All in due time though....I'm taking it easy on myself (not physically but emotionally) and giving myself some time to get that feeling back.....
So I did my first brick in a long time this last Friday....For some reason I thought I was going to die about 15 minutes into the bike ride...hmmmm not a good sign for the rest of this workout.....I kept going with the thought of it won't be that long....literally counting down the minutes of my bike portion....I did the bike on the trainer waiting for J to get home and watch the kids while they were napping, so that I could head out on the road for my run. Soon enough it was time to hop off the bike....and hop I did...quick swig of water...pull a shirt over the head and off I went....I was surprised I was moving right along and didn't even feel like I had the jelly legs that I've felt in the past during a brick....but then I looked at my HR and noticed it creeping no I mean leaping up there! So I decided if I was going to finish this that maybe I should slow down....That's where I ran into problems....I tried to adjust the pace and every time I felt my legs first scream in pain, and then the jelly feeling would come flooding down my I tried for the first 1/2 mile to slow it down...and then I gave up....HR would just be up there for this run....Surprisingly though I did slow down the farther I went....It was an amazing feeling to be out there running following my bike...I vacillated between feeling like I was on top of the Oh my god is this ever going to end because I've got nothing left....All in all I'm happy I've got lots of room to grow and I'm looking forward to it!
Another first happened first real road bike ride for the season! WhoooHOOOO! I headed out knowing that my legs were a little tired...but I was going to do this...And wouldn't you know as soon as I stepped outside with the bike it started to had been threatening all day....I decided that I'm a big girl I can do this I'm not made of sugar....and off I went....the first few miles felt a little different to me but I was good...and then I started to feel more comfortable on my bike...and I felt even better...didn't even mind the gentle rain that was pelting my face....Didn't care for the wind but it was ok....I rode out to where I wanted to and then turned...then I started thinking I don't think I'm going to make it an hour in this rain...I'll just head back home and set up the trainer for the rest of this....The closer I started to get to home the more I started to think that it was going to be a dripping mess in the house to set up the trainer...I had water dripping off my nose, the front of my helmet, and well just about everywhere I took a couple of detours and added a couple of miles in there. I did it I made it all the way to an hour!!!!! Yay for me...Once again I would have liked to see a better pace...but then again it's my first day out in the rain and wind so no place but up for me to go! So proud of myself that I stuck it out for my whole ride!!!! Lulu


  1. ah, bad sinus infections are a DOOZY! they will knock you out.
    glad you're feeling better for sure, and woo-hoo for your first bike ride outdoors;-)

  2. I am excited to have found your blog and to follow you on your fitness adventure! Whoo hoo for outside training!

    I hope your sinus infection will stay away..they are the worse!