Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Happenings

First.....YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! I'm finally getting better!!! 14 days! Really that is some sort of torture! I'm still having just a tad bit of coughing but it's sooooo much better! I got to run outside yesterday! And it was wonderful....I had thought that my HR would be up and I would be running super slow...but once again YAY! It wasn't that bad and I was actually running a tad bit quicker than I had been previously with that HR! Thanks Ange...You told me so! And then the best part of the run I got to run a little bit faster and let my zones creep up to Z4 to finish up the run! I felt so great when I got back! I didn't even have a coughing fit where I felt like I was going to cough up my toenails! It was just wonderful! So here's to health and nice weather!!!!
My HAPPIEST random thing!? I've noticed in the last couple of days that the body has been changing a little....while that can be a good thing I started to look at the past few weeks and think about what had I been eating....? Was I eating enough? Was I eating healthly? The scale used to be my best and worst of friends...I was obsessed....and so now I totally avoid it....but this morning I dragged it out to make sure that things were ok....and guess what I gained 2 lbs! And the good thing about that is I was happy! 2 lbs of MUSCLE! I've never been happy to see a weight gain in my entire it represented becoming stronger to me....not becoming fatter! I finally could use my head to look at the scale...I've obviously not gotten fatter, (I mean hello? Isn't this why I'm weighing myself anyways? I was worried because I had to cinch the belt tighter....) I've gotten stronger! So here's to overcoming past demons, and laughing in their face!
Another random thing....I've been looking for some nice little running shorts and a nice top, oh and nice bike shorts....just to celebrate the new weather....I have the good old standbys...but would like to have something for the upcoming season.... So I thought I had it pinned down....and then they didn't have the color that I wanted....or the size....ugh.....then I was contemplating these other ones at Atheleta...I think I could sink into one of their catalogs and be a happy girl! And then surprise I noticed that one of my favorite little blogs is hosting a giveaway from Atheleta...and what would she being giving away!? The exact outfit that I was eyeing and deliberating over just last night! So Please if you are reading this pick me Anne Marie !!!!!!! Then I just need to decide which color green or blue....Any opinions? (from the few that follow). Check out her giveaway over at Thanks for doing this! And here's to winning!
Oh I can't wait to be 100% better and have outside runs be more frequent! But it's so close I can almost touch it! Lulu

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