Sunday, March 7, 2010

I've been sick now for 9 days! 9 DAYS!!!! The first few days went by in a haze with me completely out of it on the couch for the most part....tossing and turning at night, with raging fevers....and then back on the couch again during the day....Then I had a couple of days where I thought wow I must be almost better, even felt human! Still completely and thoroughly congested but better....Those days weren't so bad...I used them for alot of thinking and reflecting and really felt like I settled alot of things in my head! Now the last several days I've been miserable....Still congested but coughing up a lung as well.....and my goodness the worst headaches ever! I'm soooooo done......I'm ready to feel like me again! I'm ready to get up and accomplish things! I'm ready to tell my coach let's go! I'm feeling so redundant....Nope still coughing today...... I'm so ready to try out my legs and run outside in this incredible weather that we have been having! Yup that's right add insult to injury it has been absolutely beautiful weather....Sun, warm temps, no wind, and SUN!!!! Oh and if that wasn't enough torture....I've completely ruined my husbands spring break....So seriously I'm done already! Enough is enough! On a brighter note though we did drag out the adirondak chairs and soak of the sun today while the kids played in the left over snow....mmmmm it was so nice! Lulu

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