Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Now What?
So I finished a really big thing....So I should be floating on cloud nine...and feeling like a rockstar right?! Well I have my moments....but mostly I've felt a little lost without my normal fit everything in schedule....Ange has given me a few days to get back on my feet from the 1/2 which my body wasn't exactly ready for....So I had dreams and illusions of having the house all perfectly pulled together, some extra yard work know things that sometimes get squeezed out while trying to fit in that bike ride, run, or the evening swim....Well this has not been the case....I've found myself wandering around feeling crabby....I mean CRABBY! I gave myself time to deal with that and now it's done...done and over with.....I'm going to leave it behind along with whatever brought it on! I'm going to celebrate what I did! I'm going to be amazed at how much my body has let me do in such a short time! I'm going to be thankful for getting to do it and the people that helped me get there! I'm going to be thankful for everyday that I get to spend with my incredible kids, (no matter how my times I have to answer the question WHY Mum?). So today is a new day! So I wanted to take a minute to jot down a couple of things that I learned from my first 1/2....
Calm down it's going to be ok....Somehow I think this one is going to be hard to do...nervous Nelly that I am....
Be there...I mean really be there....soak it all up.....
Get out of my head.....Shut off the brain and feel it!.....
Smile! As much evidenced in the pictures....I need to on the outside what I'm feeling inside....
Celebrate everything about the day!
Take more pictures!
Feel like a complete AMAZING ROCKSTAR at I finish!
And remember to threaten my husband to be there no matter what and bring my kids so that I can have someone there to get a hug from at the end!

I was so in my own little world that I totally missed Greg and Jenny cheering for me at the finish line :(

So I'm off to enjoy my enjoy my sunshiney day with my awesome little kids! Lulu


  1. do you live in my mind and house? I swear that's me the past few days. dealing w/bouts of crabbiness and attempting to push through it, and /my lil girl always asking 'how come?' 'how come?'

    so funny;-)

    and fabulous job on your race! embrace it baby!

  2. yayay!! I'm so proud of you. Post-race let down is normal. It stinks but it's normal. YOu'll be busy with training again SOON and your mood will be just fine. Congrats again. You did So well!!