Sunday, May 2, 2010

So Happy So So Happy!
I'm soooo soooo happy to be back....I am officially done with the crabby! I'm officially feeling like a rockstar! I'm officially super proud of myself that I ran a 1/2 MARATHON! And I'm sooooo super happy looking at my training log all filled up for this next week! I am still feeling just a few reminders of the run from exactly one week ago today....but I can't wait to get going and rock it this next week! Back to running....(even a nice long run scheduled for next Sun.) Back to swimming! Back to biking and out on the road this time!
As I'm writing this I'm really surprised how much my mindset has changed in the last the last few months even...and I hope that it continues to grow....I found this quote not to too long ago and it really just hit something...."I have a passion that burns through my veins. A passion for a sprot that no one else will ever undertand besides those that share the same deep possion. We only live once, so you might as well live life to the fullest!" It's fun to have a passion...something that pushes me when I feel on fire about it and even when I don't feel so on fire!
I had my first run yesterday.... I was surprised at how good I felt .... Yes the knees were a little tender....but not bad....And I have to say I was shocked at the fact that my toe was not flaming with pain! Didn't really even notice it! It was a short run...J was going to run with me and then decided that he had a sore throat a 1/2 a mile into he took the jogger with the kids to the park....I love running with the kids....but I have to say it felt good to just run the way I wanted to yesterday! So I ran my 2 miles...I had permission to do 3 if I felt super good...which I did....but I decided that I would get back to the playground and have a little fun with the kids before naptime....I came back to find them both engrossed with a little toad who at that point was a little less than impressed with them! Belle then showed off her awesome balance beam talents by walking around the perimeter of the playground.....and also showed off her hanging tricks on the bars! I'm so stinking proud of her! Kam not to be outdone showed off his skills....terrorizing the toad....squishing bugs....and tearing apart everything in his path! It's a good thing the boy is too stinking cute for his own good!
I thought that I would include a shot or two of some memories from my big day....
First here is the battle scar of the day.....Here is Mum and her medal with the 2 little Munkins!

And here is "just the girls" Belle decided she wanted one of just us and said,"Please Mum I'll smile pretty!"

I'm super excited for this week.....lots of family time coming this way and a good schedule on the log! Bring it on! I'm ready to tear it up this month! Lulu

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