Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Want I Need....Well no...I Just Want....

Are these not just the cutest shoes ever!

I know the season for shorts is 1/2 way gone but I have to have these for the last 1/2 of shorts weather!

And won't this be perfect to toss on the top as it gets a little chillier?

I'm going to be needing some longer pants as the cooler weather sets in...and they coordinate perfectly with the above jacket!

And then as it gets even colder.... yet longer pants .... and once again perfect coordination!

Back to less cool weather....

I know a little cool for the above pants...but a perfect match none the less.....

I could live in this all winter....

With these of course!

And well this I just love!

And well this is even better! Couldn't go shopping without something for my little ones.....Because they definitely need something to wear to my next tri whenever that may be!

So what are the chances of all my carefully thought out choices getting purchased....Not the best....Probably won't get anything....but it was fun to shop! I will be ending up with something very close to this in the super near future though!

Clearly I'm in the mood to shop....(which doesn't happen often), So I think I'm going to go and clean some instead! Lulu

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