Saturday, July 17, 2010

On A Mission!
I finished a 5k earlier this morning....with a PR but not the PR that I want....And now I'm on a mission....I want more! I know I can do it! I can feel it! While I was on my way home I had some thoughts of I don't think I have a whole lot more in me than what I did today....but then I remembered....if I learned anything from this whole experience it is that I can do things that I don't think that I really can do! So I'm going to do it! I'm tracking down the PR that I want by the end of the season! I'm going to do it!
I didn't plan on this 5k I had heard about it....but I've been laying low with the races or even talk of races with my husband....My friend Becky brought the race up at the beginning of the week and asked me if I would go with her....soooo I bit the bullet and brought it up to my husband....he wasn't all excited about it but didn't seem to upset about the idea either so I registered....I totally screwed my training log for the week...but since I have no specific races that I'm heading for at this point I'm not too upset about it.....
I slept great last night and woke up before the alarm....quite awake actually! Amazing what a good nights sleep will do! I got up and got ready....I had decided that I would be running with the Garmin but without the HR held me back at the last race....J asked me so you going to win this thing....? HAHAHAHA!!! HA! You're soooo funny dear! No but I was going to do better than I did last time....and I was going to be mentally tough!
And be mentally tough is exactly what I was! For me that is! I didn't listen to fact I don't think there was even too much that I was saying to myself today! BIG HUGE deal for me! So while I want 45 sec to 1 min faster than what I did.....I still accomplished a PR and that is good enough for me today! I'm happy! Yes I still want more...but I'm really happy with my brain being a little quieter while I was running and for experiencing mental toughness today! Now next time....I'm going to hurt and then make it hurt even more!

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