Sunday, July 18, 2010

Road Kill And The Shivers

I had a long run scheduled for me yesterday on TP....and I also had my husband wanting to run with me....which means the kids come...which means pushing the kids in the jogger....UGH! They are getting sooooo heavy! And oh my gosh the wind was blowing like nobodies business....Oh well suck it up and lets go! So we headed out armed with strawberry yogurt cheerios and juice for the kids...water and a gel for me....
We did the trail in town...without much ado....a little less whining from the kids than usual....which is always a welcome reprieve....Before we got back to the car I asked J if it would be ok if he took the kids back home and then I ran the rest of the way home instead of driving home with him....He agreed that that would work just fine for him....So off I went....I cranked the Ipod and was ready to enjoy some well not so quiet "quiet" alone time! The first mile flew by and I felt great! Then the next mile happened....SUN SUN and more SUN! Burning bright scorching SUN! I started noticing that I was not feeling so great about 1/2 way through this mile...I was concentrating more on my feet then where I was going...Thus the road kill! I have noticed in all my training that I pass a tremendous amount of road kill! And today had to have been the record! ICK!
At the beginning of my next mile I started to notice just how hot my head was feeling....Hot I mean blow up and pop hot! There was no shade and man was it hot hot hot sun! I started to beg the wind to blow my direction! It of course did and Ahhhhh it felt great every time it did! Then I experienced one of the oddest sensations....while my head felt like it was going to explode I felt my entire body break out in goose bumps....middle of the winter freezing to death goosebumps! What was this all about.....Then I felt a little light headed....and then it went away.....a little bit came back....Man did I want to just get home!
I plugged along and before I knew it I was home and I was sooooo happy to be there! Long run done! Completed! In the bank! I headed straight for water...then I headed straight to the bathroom for a ice bath!
The ice bath had to have been the sweetest ice bath ever! I filled my tub with the water got in and started to adjust to the water....I had brought my bag of ice and set it right next to the bathtub ready to dump in....Well Isobel decided that I had adjusted quite long enough and started to add the ice for me! Before each piece of ice she would get this little grin and say...."Mum get ready now....this ice is pretty cold!" Kam joined the party and instead of adding the ice he was fishing ice out and cooling himself.
My legs did a little protesting through the afternoon...but are feeling much better today! Hoping to never feel like I did on a run again....but I made it and all was well in the end.

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