Friday, July 9, 2010

A Triathlete!
So it has been one full week since I had my mini meltdown about how there was NOOOOO way that I could do this....and well I did! I totally did it! I'm a triathlete! Not the fastest triathlete...but a successful one! I've gone through an impressive series of emotions in the last week since completing my very first triathlon....I've felt like rockstar! I've felt like I'm such a lucky wife and mother, I've felt like a conqueror, I've felt like a slow poke, I've felt like I've reached the end of life as I have known it for the last year, I've felt unrest, I've felt anxious, I've felt lost....and now I'm finally feeling like I'm ok...I did what I wanted...and well now I just want to do more....but that will have to wait for awhile....So as someone that has helped me so much said to me....I'm going to savor this and tuck it away!
Here is my journey coming to a fruition in pictures.....

J insisted that he needed a pic in the early morning sunlight before the race.....

A quick pic with my not so much of a morning girl....
Me waiting my turn to hop in.....(7th or 8th one from the left in a blue swim cap)

Transition #1

Heading out on the bike course

Heading out for my run and messing with that dang Garmin....

The best part of the day! Finishing with my baby Girl!

Getting hugs from my little man!

Laughing about it all with the absolute best friends out there!

A triathlete and the best cheering crowd that a girl could ever have!

I have a alot of catching up to do with a race report....and of course some goals for what is next!


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