Sunday, October 3, 2010

Making Peace With Me Myself and I
At times I'm hard on myself...and then I start thinking that I'm not hard enough on myself....I know too much analyzing might actually be my problem....
I've been on an incredible journey this year which is what this blog has been about....and I all too often forget the steps that I've taken in this journey....I just recently was beating myself up about not accomplishing anything...not reaching for new things....Shortly after this a friend not even knowing how I had been feeling posted some pics that she had taken several months ago @ my sprint tri....I sat there and looked at them and then I looked at them again...and again....Then it hit me! Wow I have really come a long long way in one year! I've had a year filled with firsts! I've become active again...I've started to run which I've never done...I've conquered a major fear of water....I've run 5ks....I've run a 1/2 marathon!....AND I've completed a triathlon! All of these things started as a little tiny tiny dream last Sept. A dream that I've lived and made real!
So I'm turning over a new leaf....I'm not comparing myself to others that have done this sort of thing all their life...I'm comparing me to me! Where I've come from! I'm enjoying those little victories that I have made happen! And I'm moving forward!

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