Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions.....

While I refuse to enter into the whole normal new year's resolutions of fitting into a certain size, or being the perfect person (you know all the typical will be broken promises)....I have however decided 6 months ago...(nothing to do with passing new year's resolution fancy) to become the strongest most fit Mum that I can possibly be! I wanted something for me and I wanted something to help me give back more...and I think I have truely found it....It's not always fun sometimes it's full of suffering...but I am so loving the new lifestyle of training for my first tri...or dualthlon...we will see which it will be! When I very first started this I was confronted with so many questions in my head that I felt like my brain was going to know the how when, where, and how, all this would work... So thus the start of this blog...and as you can see it didn't get very far...So here is my New Years resolution: write my feelings about this training journey down more often! Record some of my little progresses along the way! Vent when I don't think I'm making enough progresses! So see not a big resolution, just a little thing that can help maybe and if I don't do it no big deal! So I think I might even be back here to answer a few of those previous questions...alot has changed! And maybe even raise some new questions! LuLu

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