Friday, February 19, 2010

My MAJOR Pet Peeve!

I've tried so hard to swallow this little thing all week....Well it hasn't worked and now it's going to come spilling out here due to the fact my husband is sick of hearing about it!
In what feels like a past life...I was a figure skater....My pet peeve....People making fun of figure skating....I mean really! The list of things I've heard this week is long... it puts you to sleep....your ashamed to admit that's what you love to watch on the Olympics....every man that skates must be a homosexual, omg are you serious he's married!?
First I want to say that in the past I was obsessed with figure skating much to the elimination of all other sports...This year I have been sooo enjoying all the sports...I've even been trying to see all the qualities...and the skill that is involved even in luging...So if I can do that people then you should open your minds too! Bashing another athlete and their sport does not make yours better, or you superior!
Just a few highlights of my life in figure skating....I can not even tell you the bruises, contusions, and cuts that littered my body through those years. Try hitting the ice when you are 3-4 ft in the's not too forgiving!The injuries were frequent, and the last one was severe....The devotion and sacrifice that goes into the sport are all encompassing....And shocker of shockers you actually do have to be in good shape to hurl yourself in the air and spin around while in the air, and then land on ONE foot...All while making it look effortless and graceful! So thus the hours upon hours spent in the gym....We actually did lift weights, not just check each others costumes and makeup!
While I can't say that I really have enjoyed the display of costumes lately...It is part of the sport...It does not take away any of the athleticism! I have to agree that the men's costumes this year have been particularly challenging to appreciate...but please look past that and see the strength that it takes to do what they do! They are amazing athletes that devote their life to a SPORT, yes I said SPORT! and they deserve respect for that...And I would just like to personally challenge the next person that disses skating to if you are a woman...? Make it through a 4+ min program, hurling yourself into the air rotate 3x at break neck speed repeatedly, complete intricate footwork series, flex your body into positions that the normal person wouldn't be able to get out of, and spin until you think that you are going to lose everything that you have eaten in the last 2 weeks, Oh and could you please manage to do this while you look effortlessly graceful, and beautiful! If you are a Man? Try all that and make sure that you rotate 4x. Or better yet why don't you try lifting a woman above your head and skate on one foot! (Oh and don't drop her that totally ruins her career! Trust me I know!) Well I think that enough....LuLu


  1. I super agree with you on the true athleticism it takes to complete both the short and long programs...all while making it look effortless. At least with most any other face you can show your pain, grimmace, discomfort, but not w/skating. and that makes it all the harder

    oh, and cool that you were a skater

  2. I think it's so so cool that you were a figure skater.I can not Imagine!!! I imagine it takes amazing strength and skill to do what they (you) do!!! What makes me feel bad for them that it's a judged sport. I imagine I don't understand it enough but that seems too subjective. And it seems like favorites are always at the top and the ones that aren't as well known don't have a chance when they get there...because of the publicity etc. Are the judged influenced? I would like to understand the judging more. Now...Bobsled? I am sorry. But that does Nothing for me and doesnt' impress me in the least. It's all about the fast sled. NOT what the body can do....good post and point Laura.

  3. Thanks! It was fun being a skater...! It is a little biased...but there have been great efforts to change that...unfortunately that has also taken out some of the real skater and their true artistry...everyone has to complete certain things on a list...and it is very evident watching these programs now...the scoring is good...but extremely complicated! Yes have to agree with you there Ange...the bobsledding in hard to see...but most of them do look in incredible shape...not sure for what....? Maybe something I don't understand there....