Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Start of Something New

So this week marks the start of something new for me....I hired a coach! I'm excited to see where this takes me and the new things that I can do with this body! I've had lots of different thoughts leading up to this...and the more thinking that I've done I've found that while I was really super motivated when I first started this adventure...I feel more like it's a routine than something that I'm on fire about....I've gotten bored, bored with my treadmill running, bored with my biking while watching TV, bored with my usual mileage, bored with even my i-pod playlist, just bored...
Today I experienced something that felt familiar....A high, a exercise high....not just after it was all done but while I was doing it...I have to say there were a few minutes where it didn't feel so glorious, and then I felt that feeling of Wow this is awesome, I'm hurting, and I'm liking it! I feel strong! Bring it ON! While I don't feel like I'm right where I want to be or like I'm really pushing like I could right now....(you know all the excuses... I hate them but sometime there are legit ones...like this cold that won't go away, with the lovely sinus headache, switching schedules and becoming a morning person, (I mean I've never run in the morning in my life!),I am sooooo looking forward to this month and the possibilities! A refreshed, LuLu

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  1. Okay, have to say the BEST thing I ever did post kids, was to hire a trainer/nutritionist. Learning strength training and how to push myself was the best! So right on!