Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Painful Decisions....

So I've made a decision....And I think that I'm proud of myself....I'm officially not doing the Half Marathon in April....
I think I might have gotten a little ahead of myself deciding that I wanted to do a 1/2 marathon in my first year of running....While I know that I could have done it....I have decided that I want to concentrate on doing some smaller races and my dual or tri whatever it may be...because that is why I started on this little journey to start with....That is what I was on fire about...and that is what I'm going to do!
I feel relieved and refreshed at the thought of not cramming the training for the half in....I was sure that I was going to be kicking my own butt for deciding against doing it is surprisingly absent....Instead I feel like I have made a really adult decision that is good for me! I had thought that I would hate myself for saying that I was going to do something and then not doing it...I thought that I would feel like I was giving up....I thought that I would feel like a failure....Instead I feel set free...to have fun and to move forward with something that really hope that I'm going to love as much as I think I'm going to!
So while this decision was painful along the way...I am feeling much less pain about it now....This was not the time for me, but the time will come...and I'm excited about that too....LuLu

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