Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Full Heart....(Part 2)
I was soooo glad to hear that my little Belle was feeling better! And she was rearing to go! We headed toward the start line...and we waited...and waited and waited...I explained to Belle that I wanted to hold her when the race first started so that she wouldn't get knocked down...she agreed...but with a little bit of a frown...
And there is the frown!
I was surprised at how fast the crowd cleared out once they started us...I was able to get Belle down and running really quickly...She trucked and trucked. Before long we caught up with her little friend Kaitlyn....They decided that they were going to hold hands...So off we went Kaitlyn, Isobel, and me! We ran through the Monkey area and got to see a couple of monkeys showing off their climbing skills....I pointed them out to Belle...she said, "I know Mum I'm running, I gotta go!" Then we ran through the gardens....I pointed out the the pretty roses, "I runnin Mum!" We rounded the last corner...J was waiting for us snapping pics....I was able to get Isobel to notice him and she yelled, "Hey look Baba I'm RUNNING!"

Waving to Baba
I pointed toward the finish line...and Belle looked at me and says, "Mum I can't run faster...." I couldn't believe it! I was shocked that she thought that she had to run faster at the end....I assured her that she was running plenty fast enough and that she was doing the best job ever!!!! We crossed the finish line at 11:28! My baby did her first race! I can't believe it! My heart is so full with that little girl!

Right after we crossed the line they were handing out ribbons....They started to hand one to Belle and she smiled and shook her head..."I didn't win...." We both smiled and told her that she did her first race so she gets a ribbon!

After she finally agreed to take the ribbon we headed back to see her Baba! We got lots of hugs and cheers from our friends and Baba! I have to say that it was one of the best days that I've had with my little baby girl! I was so proud of her! I can't wait till we run more together!

Showing off the ribbon!

Oh and the next day! We had to take her to the park so that she could practice her running for the next race! I love you so much Honey Belle! Mum

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  1. I just wanted to get back to you to answer your question. I have been hitting up the treadmill and running at 5:30 or 6 am to beat the heat. Some days I can't avoid it, like today and I ended up cutting my run short by 4 miles. I usually just slow the pace and drink more until my body gets used to living in Hades!