Monday, May 17, 2010

New Swimming Progress....
I read through my training log, and it jumped out and scared me! Swim a whole 100 yards straight!!!! I sat there and thought oh god I can't....I'll be too tired...I'll run out of air....And then it hit know what I had all those excuses not to long ago about swimming period...and then I had all those excuses again about swimming down to the deep end...and then again when I actually put my face in the water! Excuses! Stupid little things! Well I did what I've done with all those excuses in the past...I looked my fears right in the face and said I just don't give a damn! I followed the plan....I just jumped in the water that night like any other....and I got busy! And then progress happened again! I did it I swam a whole 100 yards! And while I was tired, I realized that I need to learn when to push myself a little more because I could have done that a long time ago! I thought for sure that I would be taking just a few extra minutes for a breather following that 100...but you know what I didn't need fact I felt stronger after I did it than before! Lesson learned....push yourself....even before you think that you can....because you can and it will just set you free and make you that much stronger! Lulu

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